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There I return to the metaphor of C Level Executive List cognitive liberation. We need to get out of the comfort zone in which the social sciences and human sciences have been installed in recent times and recover the political imagination. While contemporary C Level Executive List art seeks to thematize the socio-ecological crisis by dialoguing with these other epistemologies, breaking down barriers and mixing languages, while from the natural sciences we have scientists and researchers involved in studies of climate change who are very concerned and who encourage the need for C Level Executive List structural reforms, an important part of the social and human sciences are still bogged down in a great crisis.

In them there is a left trapped in its C Level Executive List political allegiances or in ironic views on the possibilities of other ways out, a left that is illiterate from the environmental point of view or that suffers from epistemic blindness and that C Level Executive List still thinks that we inhabit an infinite planet. We need more political imagination and less epistemic cowardice, to think again in a utopian way to encourage the possibility of another reality, but also for an eco-social C Level Executive List transition agenda. We must fight against the dystopian language and discourse that insists that all is lost.

Of another possible society. To C Level Executive List conclude, to what extent does the pandemic function as a kind of collapse, or the closest thing we have seen in these times, and on a global scale? Indeed, beyond the differences in each country, the pandemic C Level Executive List showed the limitation of neoliberal globalization. On the one hand, the deepening of inequalities; On the other hand, although it does not appear in the speeches of many, the relationship between the pandemic and the socio-ecological crisis. Covid-19 is a zoonotic disease and its C Level Executive List expansion is linked to the destruction of wild ecosystems.
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