Dice Simulation 0.1.0
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This is script-based software to enable different kinds of dice simulation in a visual way.

This software is based on Qt, ReactPhysics3D and AStyle.

Current Version

Component Version Description
Project 0.1.1 Main project.
ds-convert 0.1.1 Convert ds code to standard cpp code.
ds-compile 0.0.1 Compile the converted cpp code.
ds-help -
ds-maintain -
ds-gui -
ds-vsc 0.0.3 Visual Studio Code Extension for DS.

Documentation version will follow the project version.

In this version, basic functions of ds-convert are achieved but tests have not been done.



  • Option 1: Download Release
    • The release build is universal, for both Apple Silicon and Intel Silicon.
    • Need to have qtbase or full Qt 6 (Best to be 6.2.0). You can install qtbase using MacPort with sudo port install qt6-qtbase. However this is not tested.
  • Option 2: Build from Source *(Recommended)*
    • First build AStyle with CMake or XCode.
    • Build Dice Simulation pro file.


  • Option 1: Download Release *(Recommended)*
  • Option 2: Build from Source
    • You can try using the AStyle.exe. If it fails, build it with CMake.
    • Build Dice Simulation pro file.


You have no choice but to build it yourself currently. But it has been tested on Ubuntu 20, with Qt 6.2.2.

Project Schedule

Version 0.x

In version 0.x, Dice Simulation will be able to convert ds(ds-cpp) file to standard cpp file for simulation. During this time, a visual studio code extension will be developed in addition to the GUI tool.

Here the task is split into four components:

  • ds-convert: Convert ds(ds-cpp) file to standard cpp file linked to ReactPhysics3D library.
  • ds-compile: Use C++ compilers (GCC/Clang/MSVC) to compile the converted cpp file. Error information is also needed to be stored to a ds-err (in the format of json) file and log information into a ds-log file.
  • ds-gui: A Qt-based GUI tool for the language ds. Components include Editor, Terminal, Snippet, etc.

Version 1.x

Offer visual simulation using OpenGL.


Documentation is published at https://dice.teddy-van-jerry and is in the repo Teddy-van-Jerry/Dice_Simulation_Online_Doc or Dice-Simulation/Dice_Simulation_Online_Doc.

VS Code Extension