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This is script-based software to enable different kinds of dice simulation in a visual way.

Current Version

Component Version Description
Project 0.1.0 Main project.
ds-convert 0.1.0 Convert ds code to standard cpp code.
ds-compile - Compile the converted cpp code.
ds-help -
ds-maintain -
ds-gui -
ds-vsc 0.0.1 Visual Studio Code Extension for DS.

Documentation version will follow the project version.

In this version, basic functions of ds-convert are achieved but tests have not been done.

Project Schedule

Version 0.x

In version 0.x, Dice Simulation will be able to convert ds(ds-cpp) file to standard cpp file for simulation.
During this time, a visual studio code extension will be developed in addition to the GUI tool.

Here the task is split into four components:

  • ds-convert: Convert ds(ds-cpp) file to standard cpp file linked to ReactPhysics3D library.
  • ds-compile: Use C++ compilers (GCC/Clang/MSVC) to compile the converted cpp file. Error information is also needed to be stored to a ds-err (in the format of json) file and log information into a ds-log file.
  • ds-gui: A Qt-based GUI tool for the language ds. Components include Editor, Terminal, Snippet, etc.

Version 1.x

Offer visual simulation using OpenGL.


Documentation is published at https://dice.teddy-van-jerry and is in the repo Teddy-van-Jerry/Dice_Simulation_Online_Doc or Dice-Simulation/Dice_Simulation_Online_Doc.

VS Code Extension

Dice Simulation VS Code Extension